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RADA Shakespeare Awards

Collage of performance photos from City's Shakespeare Awards

Not unlike a drama equivalent to DofE, RADA Awards are split into different levels with certain required steps. Tutors assessed and gave students feedback on their vocal clarity, characterisation, understanding of the scene and their willingness to be re-directed.

Our year 9 thespians worked towards the Messenger award – so-called because the first speech is from one of Shakespeare’s messengers – and focused on urgent, fast-paced speeches. Describing it as one of the “many amazing opportunities which allow you to express yourself and follow your interests at City”, year 9 Darcey enthused that the Shakespeare Awards allowed her to “share my way of interpreting my piece and learn from how others demonstrated theirs.” Lili and Loris agreed, adding how much work had gone into preparing scenes from Macbeth, The Tempest, Coriolanus and more: “We have been working on two speeches since pre-COVID, and have continuously improved our performances via online rehearsals.” They found it a “brilliant experience” that “opened our eyes to new techniques and methods.”