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Parent coaching

CLSG parents at our parent coaching event

Now in its fifth iteration, this month CLSG hosted another introduction to coaching course for parents and carers. As a school, we are committed to developing and deepening the emotional intelligence accessed by the whole community. Empathy and effective listening lie at the heart of a sense of belonging and feeling ‘seen’. Across two days, a dozen CLSG parents and carers learned theories and techniques that underlie coaching, before practicing their skills in small groups. Participants spoke of how useful it was to focus on deep listening before offering advice or solutions. One of the attendees commented that, 'the course was excellent, it provides you with some powerful tools to help your kid(s) better relate to others, and it might even make you discover a few things about yourself. I absolutely recommend it to all CLSG parents.' We will be running the course again in 2024, so be sure to keep an eye out!

Julian Murray, Head of Coaching and Teacher of History