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Objection, Your Honour: PSCHE mock trial

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The case in question: On the evening of Saturday 12 September, around a hundred sixth form students gathered in Regent's Park for a party. These comprised: roughly sixty students from the City of London School for Girls, twenty from the City of London School, and twenty from miscellaneous boys’ schools in London.

Bystanders observed a lack of social distancing as well as littering and the playing of music at anti-social volumes. There were suspicions of alcohol consumption. Officers from the Metropolitan Police attended the scene and, after brief enquires, year 12 student Alara was arrested for organising an illegal gathering contrary to the Coronavirus Act 2020.

But was Alara found guilty? That was up to the persuasive powers of the Prosecution and Defence benches, made up of four talented students.

In the end - by a one-vote margin of 50.4% to 49.6% - the jury found Alara GUILTY of organising an illegal gathering.

History teacher Mr Fitzgerald, who judged proceedings gave this statement after the verdict: "Only Alara and I knew the truth of the matter. She did hand out flyers in the Y13 common room, but these were drafted by a friend. The architects of the event, whose identities were obscured by a murky email thread with veiled threats against whistleblowers, were several Year 12 students who used Alara's palanquin entrance to implicate her. The justice system is a noble thing but it has failed Alara Tindall on this occasion."

Congratulations to all who took part.

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