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Poster for Michael Donker's City@6 talk

For our final City@6 lecture, we had the privilege of hearing from the accomplished author Michael Donkor who gave us insight into his latest novel, Grow Where They Fall. Michael began with a beautiful reading of an extract from this new novel, where we were lucky to hear the distinct voices of the characters as he himself imagined them. The highlight was his insightful explanation that followed, delving into various aspects of the extract, from the symbolism of ‘doodles’, to the Ghanaian culture that was featured and the methodical process behind the build-up of his incredible story. We ended with a thought-provoking Q&A, with Michael advising aspiring authors whilst also leaving others inspired by his passion for both his work and the world of literature. Overall, it was an amazing talk, and we are all very grateful to Michael for his time and wise words!

Alex, year 12