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City girls in science

CLSG students presenting on their City girls in science trip

Our year 8s spent the day attending enrichment trips focused on careers in science! In groups, we split off to explore site-based engineering at Tideway, a design engineering course at Imperial and the University of Osteopathy. These were all wonderful opportunities for us to broaden our perspectives on careers in science. During my group's visit at Tideway, we met some key workers, such as the site engineers and builders. We also had the opportunity to design our own water park, before presenting it to the class and the head of one of the main companies who run the production of the Tideway tunnel. Overall it was a really fun and insightful experience!

Sophie, year 8


During the City girls in science day, my group visited the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College. After a tour of the campus, a university student presented us with four design briefs to choose from: a sustainable farm, a pair of headphones for dancers, a train station for the blind or a completely touchless computer. We then had to create a presentation on our design ideas for a panel of judges. This trip taught us valuable skills, such as how to collaborate as a team and challenged our problem-solving skills. I loved the fact that we were able to work together with our friends to solve problems.

Zihan, year 8