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Cipher challenge

CLSG students with certificates from the cipher challenge

We recently participated in the National Cipher Challenge code-breaking competition. Every Thursday since the beginning of October, a new cipher has been released, and teams have been working together to solve them. Throughout this fun experience, we developed our skills in cryptography, programming and teamwork. This Wednesday, we also had the opportunity to attend a ceremonial event organised by the University of Southampton. Held at the historic home of British code-breaking, Bletchley Park, this award ceremony was for the best teams in the competition. We were able to explore the beautiful grounds and visit the museum, where we learnt more about the stories behind British cryptography. We then spent the afternoon listening to lectures from important figures in contemporary code-breaking, as well as interesting maths-based poems from the NCC’s Cipher Master before attending the award ceremony. It was a very exciting day, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it!

Sara, year 11