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Black History Month

Afro-Caribbean Society presentations for Black History Month

This year's Black History Month has focused on 'actions not words' and this theme has been explored by pupils and staff through an assembly, workshops, film screenings and research. Ms Arif has been sending daily emails sharing an inspiring story of what occurred on each day in history, from the founding of the Black Panther Party to the patenting of the telephone system by Granville T. Woods (not Edison!). Some year 8 students have also researched particular actions taken by Black people in British history and their findings, have been projected on screens all round school. To round off last week, everyone was invited to watch short films about Black Britain in the drama studio and take part in lively discussions led by the sixth formers. We hope the events this month spark a commitment to continue learning about Black history long beyond the end of October.

Here is an extract of year 8 student IreOluwa's poem Mary Seacole

"At the age of 50, Mary travelled overseas to help out
And she set up a Hotel for people to go out and about.
Not a real Hotel of course,
A restaurant and hospital to help with the war.
Onto the battlefield she’d ride,
To help with soldiers dying on the inside.
A front line nurse you see,
Not like Florence Nightingale and her team
Earning the name “Mother Seacole”
The soldiers loved her whole.

Breaking social rules and prejudices;
Remembered for her undying care;
A role-model to not just black but people anywhere... "