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list-Y7 Online – Copy

For Aashi, although the timetable of class video calls was a bit overwhelming at first, "after my first lesson it became quite simple". Socially, she hasn't found it too disruptive because "we can still meet on online chats".

Tara, Jeanine, and Ananya are also enjoying the experience, which they neatly review as "highly interesting but very tiring, especially when your internet crashes" (which is now, incidentally my pandemic mantra). For them, the extra sleep they can catch in the time they would be travelling to the Barbican is a clear silver lining, and getting used to all the new technology is worth it "because it's nice to see everyone's faces". Pressed for a favourite online subject, the girls insisted they are enjoying them all because they are all very interactive (well done teachers!) but did give PE a special mention as "the only thing that gets us up on our feet".

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