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2022 GCSE results

Photo of the school from the Barbican highwalk

Our warmest congratulations to our year 11 students on their truly outstanding GCSE results, which they have received today.

These superb results are a fitting reflection of their talent and determination, and we are enormously proud of all that they have achieved both in and out of the classroom.

Their results are remarkable in any context but given the impact of the lockdowns intruding on GCSE courses, they are all the more noteworthy. As a year group, they have shown brilliant spirit and these stellar results are a testament to that.

70% of papers were awarded 9;
92% awarded 8 or 9 (A*s in old money)
99% awarded 7-9 (A*-A)

So, we congratulate the year 11s once more, and we very much look forward to welcoming them to the sixth form next month.