Madeleine Davis
head of senior school (DDSL & Prevent); teacher of geography

After moving from her home in Bristol, travelling north for University and then moving down to the Midlands for her first teaching post, Maddie finally settled in London and began teaching geography at City in 2015. She is passionate about convincing everyone she meets that there is more to geography than maps and colouring in and that studying it is the key to ensuring a sustainable future for all. Maddie became assistant head of senior school in 2016, before stepping into the role of head of senior school in 2019. Maddie appreciates how her role enables her to get to know, and learn from, her students, and build lasting relationships with them during their time in the senior school. In her spare time, Maddie enjoys watching (and very occasionally playing) sport, visiting friends across the UK and watching re-runs of 90s dramas on Netflix!