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Year 7 independent learning project

Year 7s working in groups to complete their independent research project.

Our year 7s spent a week taking part in the independent learning project, working in groups with people from different classes to learn about a topic and then present it. The theme for this year's projects was 'nature'. During this project, we have learnt research skills, as well as how to work as a team. One of the many techniques we learnt is called the Eisenhower Matrix; this technique helped us to manage our time better, in order to finish our projects by a specific deadline. Using a table, we were able to organise tasks in terms of what holds higher priority, teaching us how to make effective use of the time we have. This is an educational and fun project, and the skills we have learnt will no doubt be utilised in our academic studies, as well as later in life. After researching our projects and creating posters, we had the chance to showcase them at stalls for parents and teachers to see. The winners will be announced in the next newsletter - watch this space!

Ashley-Jane, year 7