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The Light Burns Blue

CLSG students performing in 'The Light Burns Blue'

The joint year 8 and 9 production of The Light Burns Blue took place last week in the Black Box.

Set during  World War I, the play tells the story of Elsie Wright, a girl from the small Yorkshire village of Cottingley, who, with her cousin, fools the world by faking photographs of fairies at the bottom of her garden. Before they know it, the two girls have whipped the world into a state of wonder, with scores of admirers, including the great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, flocking to hear their story.

The production perfectly captured the sensation it created with infectiously energetic acting, a dazzlingly elaborate display of costumes and props, and sparkling comedic scenes both at the riverbanks of Cottingley and in the social circles of London – all while exploring the penetrating question: are Elsie Wright’s photographs merely a common hoax, or are they a work of art? A huge congratulations to the cast and crew.