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list-City Girls in the Arts
25 March 2021

City girls in the arts

Year 9's 'City Girls in the Arts' morning, meanwhile, was all about creative careers. Tim Summers (Professor at Royal Holloway, University of London) and Amy Hitchcock (Head of Arts and Entertainment at Sky News) gave Year 9 an insight into their respective careers, before the students were tasked with creating their own 30-second videos portraying 'Joy in my Space'. They were encouraged to film both in school and outside in the sun, and create their own music to accompany the films.

list-This Changes Everything
24 March 2021

Year 8 play around with film

Filming of the year 8 play, This Changes Everything, carries on apace. Head of Drama, Mr Whyld has been "bowled over by the ingenuity, creativity, sheer hard work and passion put into what I call 'The Oil Rig' film. Talk about making the best of a very difficult situation - I am in awe of year 8 and their director, Mrs Mapstone."

list-One day more
23 March 2021

One lockdown more? Year 12 CLS/CLSG singers

Year 12 singers in both schools have been hard at work on a joint choral project. It will eventually be a two-part mash-up medley, but we are delighted to share a preview with you now! Part one is based around 'One Day More' from Les Miserables, but there is also a teaser line from the other mystery musical which finds its way in during this part... can you spot it?

list-Mission recipe book
22 March 2021

Afternoon chari-tea: Mission recipe book

It is a truth universally acknowledged that bake sales are the backbone of school fundraising. As Covid and its friends lockdown 1, 2, and 3 came along, of course, this became impossible, leaving everybody had no choice but to make their own individual banana breads.

list-Maths Challenge
19 March 2021

Intermediate maths challenge? No (maths) problem!

Covid 19 could not hinder the brightest mathematical minds of our current year 9 & 10 cohort, who participated in the Intermediate Maths Challenge. Several candidates not only achieved a Gold Certificate, awarded to only the top 6% of entrants, but were also invited to compete in follow-on rounds on 19 March.

19 March 2021

Red uniform, black belt: Prep try karate

Since coming back from lockdown the PE dept. have introduced Karate into the curriculum with a special focus on the year 5 and 6 challenge time. Year 5s Lucy and Katy told us more about their first session:

list-Colton Memorial Lecture
17 March 2021

If at first you don’t succeed: Baroness Bull’s Colton memorial message

Not short of insightful talks since the last newsletter, students also enjoyed this year’s Colton Memorial lecture from former Royal Ballet dancer and creative director of the Royal Opera House, Baroness Bull, from the comfort of their classrooms.

list-Physics Olympiad
17 March 2021

Going the Distance: physics olympiad

The senior Physics Challenge is notorious for setting complex and mentally demanding questions, so congratulations to the year 12s who participated and well done to Harshana for achieving the top score in the school!

list-NEW testing staff header)
16 March 2021

Testing testing 1, 2, 3

We opened our newly-built asymptomatic testing centre in the New Hall on Friday 5 May. The site's first customers were year 13 students, who entered to perform a self-swab, guided by our friendly group of trained alumnae, equipped and ready to assist students through the process.