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CLSG House Drama
18 October 2021

House Drama 2021

For this year's annual House Drama competition, we were back on stage, back with a live audience! And what a celebration of our resilience, resourcefulness and creative talent it was. Each house was tasked with producing a short piece of theatre on the theme of 'Time', a fitting tribute to the hours the coordinators, actors and tech teams have put into creating their pieces over the past half term.

CLSG Art Trip
15 October 2021

Everybody Frieze! Sixth form art trip

On 14 October, sixth form art students took a trip to The Factory Project in East London, part of London's Frieze programme.

15 October 2021

Black History Month

Over the last two weeks, events have been taking place every day across the school to celebrate Black History Month. Miss Arif, our Assistant Head - Diversity and Inclusion, has organised an amazing programme of talks and workshops: from monologues and verbatim theatre on Monday lunchtimes, with thanks to Mrs Mapstone in Drama, to yesterday’s book club which focused on the idea of ‘belonging’.

CLSG Mock Trial VI
14 October 2021

Who kidnapped Mr Whyld? Mock Trial VI

Mr Whyld was on the stand on Wednesday afternoon as Law Society held its sixth mock trial. It was up to Maya (Y11) and Alexandra (Y10) for the Prosecution, and Edith (Y11) and Jiyaa (Y10) for the Defence, to put their case to the jury of year 10-13 students, battling it out before the judge, Mr Fitzgerald, in a packed hall.

14 October 2021

Netball county round of the national schools

11 October 2021

Gray’s Inn Advocacy Workshop

On Friday 8 October, ten students from CLSG Law Society and five CLS students attended “An Introduction to Advocacy” from Tony Charles, the Director of Education at Gray’s Inn.

CLSG David Bodanis City@6 Talk
11 October 2021

David Bodanis joins City@6 for a Q&A

Best-selling author David Bodanis joined the online City@6 audience on Monday 11 October for a Q+A session riffing on latest book, 'The Art of Fairness'. In his book, David uses a range of examples from the world of politics, business, medicine and media to argue an answer to his title question: that you CAN succeed without being a terrible person (phew).

Scholar’s Concert 1
08 October 2021

Year 7-11 Scholars’ Concert

Bond is Bach! The audience at last night's Scholars’ Concert heard it all, from concertos on strings to 007's theme on tuba, played by our music scholars from Year 7-11.

07 October 2021

Good COP, Bad COP

This year sees the UK host COP26 in Glasgow in November - the UN international conference on climate change. To get a taste of what a negotiation between lots of different countries is like, four of our students took part in a 'mock COP' event, organised by the London Schools Eco-Network, at St Pauls' Girls School.