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Young enterprise
28 May 2021

Save the date, save the world

Are you interested in learning more about some endangered species and what you can do to help?

Art installation
28 May 2021

Collaboration changes everything

Work on the long-awaited year 8 feature film, This Changes Everything, continues apace, with the drama department recruiting help from their D Floor friends in art and music for some creative set and soundtrack additions

Archive – art
28 May 2021

Goodness gracious carbonaceous!

You may have spotted City alumna Dr Helena Bates on the news in the past few weeks explaining the significance of the meteorite that landed in Winchcombe earlier this year.

Rev Rumens
28 May 2021

Farewell, Reverend Katharine Rumens

Reverend Katharine Rumens - who will be a familiar face to many after twenty years as Rector at our neighbouring St. Giles - retired last week

Shreya journal article
28 May 2021

No pain, no gain: year 12 Shreya published

During her work experience last year, Shreya in year 12 carried out some independent research into patient views of online consultations

Year 13 drama
28 May 2021

A dramatic journey: GCSE and A Level drama

Special congratulations to our GCSE and A-Level drama cohorts, who have battled on through disruptions and cancellations to perform practical components of their courses.

28 May 2021

What’s next?

Exams might be out the way, but summer hasn't begun quite yet for year 11, who will be returning after half term to attend one or more of our enrichment programmes.

list-Hometown Half banner (1)
24 May 2021

A marathon achievement: Hometown Half

Huge congratulations to Miss Squire, Mrs Helm, and Mr Aldridge for running not one, not two, but 13.1 miles in aid of the mental health charity Mind this weekend, as part of the second ever Hometown Half marathon.

14 May 2021

Help with exams