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City@6 – Doctor Zhivago: A Pasternak Family Affair

Poster for Doctor Zhivago's City@6 talk

We are delighted to announce the latest in our City@6 series of lectures. To mark modern languages week, we are thrilled that Nicolas Pasternak Slater and his wife Maya Slater will discuss Doctor Zhivago: A Pasternak Family Affair on Monday 3 October at 6pm.

Nicolas has translated work by Anton Chekhov, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and his uncle Boris Pasternak, and many others, and on several projects has collaborated with his wife, Maya. Nicolas’s new translation of this classic novel by his uncle, Boris Pasternak is enriched by the inclusion of 70 pictures by the author’s father, the impressionist painter Leonid Pasternak. The couple will also discuss how the writing and publication of the novel affected the English Pasternak family.

Please do join us on the evening via this link.