Exam results

GCSE results 2020

While our year 11 pupils did not have the satisfaction of sitting exams in their GCSE subjects, we applaud them for the work, commitment and grace under pressure that they showed in the face of the C19 lockdown. These all find expression in these final outcome grades, which were, as usual, stellar.

Their intellectual curiosity, hard work and great spirit continue unabated and we congratulate them for it.  They can look forward, with optimism and satisfaction, to A Levels and the broad intellectual horizons that await them.

A Level results 2020

The nature of these results were, of course, delivered in the strangest of circumstances, but we are nevertheless extremely proud of all our students have achieved. We are pleased to announce that the results are in line with historic averages, with 45% at A* and 82% at A-A*.

These are, as ever, testimony to the students’ hard work, inspirational teaching and support from home.  Just as importantly, however, these results meant that the vast majority achieved their university offers and are off to many of the world’s finest universities. The extraordinary perseverance, courage and grace shown by year 13 over the last few months will stand them in good stead for this exciting new stage in their education.