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We combine thorough linguistic preparation, genuine enjoyment and regular trips abroad to inspire interest in the Hispanic world.

Spanish at City

Spanish at City ties Hispanic culture and language as much as possible throughout our teaching. We believe that by combining a strong linguistic basis with an insight into media, literature and current affairs our students become truly immersed in this language spoken by nearly 500 million worldwide.

Why study Spanish at City?

We combine thorough linguistic preparation with genuine enjoyment to inspire interest and curiosity about the Hispanic language and world. The department focuses on employing authentic, audiovisual and culturally diverse materials in order to continuously motivate, support and challenge learners. Equally, a strong grounding in grammar is essential to increase the students’ confidence and precision in language. We also value independent learning projects and the ability to work together for cultural research.

From as early as Year 7, students get weekly speaking practices with a native language assistant. We also offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, such as cultural and linguistic trips abroad (past trips including year 8 Barcelona, year 10 Granada and sixth form to Spain or Latin America), cultural outings, competitions and subscription to Spanish media and resources. Ultimately, our aim is to prepare our students to be competent global citizens through their knowledge of languages and appreciation of foreign cultures.

Our Staff

Ainara Golzarri de Diego, BA (Pais Vasco), PGCE (King's College)
Head of Spanish; International Coordinator
Blanca Peris Reig, BA (Castellón), MA (Valencia)
Teacher of Spanish


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"Spanish at City is different to any of my other subjects. Not only do I feel inspired by all the teachers, but it is the only lesson where I feel totally immersed in the Spanish culture, despite being in the middle of London."

Daria, year 7

Beyond the curriculum

We offer year 8 the opportunity to visit Barcelona in a cultural trip that takes place over a weekend in March. In the February half-term of year 10 we organise a study visit to Granada. Girls stay in host families, take structured lessons in a language school and in the afternoon, cultural visits to places of great interest are organised, such as the Alhambra. The girls will be offered the possibility of participating in a series of extracurricular visits, talks and courses, including a trip to Spain or Latin America. Previous trips include voluntary work in Guatemala or a historical trip to Cuba.

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