Partnership students working on a maths equation on a whiteboard


At City, we nurture mathematical minds. It is a subject taught beyond the curriculum.

Mathematics at City

Mathematics is a core subject that many students continue to pursue at A level and university. We encourage our flourishing mathematicians to seek and apply maths in their daily lives, and appreciate its ability to elucidate scientific disciplines.

Why study Mathematics at City?

The aim of the mathematics department is to inspire confidence and encourage risk taking by building upon the natural mathematical abilities of our students. Mathematics has a high profile at City. Pupils are nurtured in their enthusiasm for mathematics and given every opportunity to flourish.

Pupils are encouraged to talk about mathematics and actively participate in their learning by taking part in UKMT National Mathematics Challenges, Mathematics Olympiads and the House Mathematics Challenge. They are inspired by a dedicated team who are committed to providing excellent opportunities for learning and support, enabling the pupils to realise their full potential. We are delighted with the results the girls at City achieve, and the fact that over 70% of pupils continue to study mathematics in the sixth form is indicative of their success.

Our Staff

David Chart, BSc (Warwick)
Head of Mathematics
Karen Brockway, BSc (London), MTeach (London)
Deputy Head of Mathematics
Judith Addley, MA (Cantab)
Teacher of Mathematics
Elizabeth Aquilina, BSc (Malta), MSc (Imperial)
Teacher of Mathematics; CEMP Higher Education Coordinator
Giulian Ciccantelli, BSc (Warwick)
Teacher of Mathematics


CLSG sixth form students in a lesson

"I have really enjoyed studying maths and further maths at City. Maths is fun at A level because you have difficult problems you can talk through with the class and you learn that maths is very applicable to the outside world."

Rebecca, year 12