CLSG students cutting out images of the globe

Climate change and sustainability

Our climate change and education programme embodies all three of our core values by teaching our students to not only respect the natural world, but also take responsibility for the guardianship of our environment as well as being resourceful in tackling the problems associated with climate change.

Climate change and sustainability

We recognise our pivotal role in educating both our students and staff about the significance of environmental sustainability.


In keeping with our ethos of creating spaces to pioneer, CLSG has developed and is piloting a holistic climate change and sustainability education programme.

This programme provides deep and tangible learning opportunities to students, ensuring they leave school with a sense of agency in being able to make a positive contribution to dealing with the multi-pronged challenges that we face globally as a consequence of climate change.

The school is also committed to scaling up the delivery of this programme by helping other schools to deliver it.

Our Staff

Aman Kanwar, BA (Oxon)
Head of Economics, Climate Change and Sustainability Lead, Teacher of Mathematics
Miriam Ellis, BA (Hull), MEd (Cantab)
Teacher of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics, Sustainability Co-ordinator

Sustainability at CLSG

The programme has two streams, as described below.


In June 2024, we hosted a conference with Schroders at their offices to discuss the challenges and solutions of sustainable investing. The conference was organised in part by year 12 student, Ines, who also spoke on the panel.

Please click here to watch a recording of the conference.

Carbon Literacy Game

Our students have created a game titled ‘Check your carbon literacy’. Please click to play and check your carbon literacy!

Tree Connections

Our Tree Connections initiative facilitates a deeper connection between our community and nature, fostering an understanding of the symbiotic relationship between the trees surrounding the Barbican and ourselves. We have meticulously identified various tree types, providing students with the opportunity for collaboration and mutual learning as they delve into becoming experts on their assigned trees.

This collaborative endeavour will eventually culminate in the development of an educational app, ensuring accessibility for all visitors. Our commitment to this connection with nature lies at the core of our understanding of sustainability, as we establish a more sustainable way of coexisting with our natural environment.

The well-documented links between a profound connection with nature and environmental activism further inspire our mission. We aim to nurture this sense of belonging through both pastoral and academic initiatives within our Tree Connections project, always keeping sustainability at the forefront of our school’s agenda.

Tree in Barbican estate