Photo of CLSG school building

Finding space to pioneer

Scholarly exploration, adventurous partnerships and a strong culture of self-reflection in the heart of the City. 

Our ethos and values

Our school is fun, intellectually exciting and imbued with relaxed excellence. We are pioneering in our scholarly exploration, individualised care, partnerships and co-curricular engagement. 
Our values of respect, responsibility and resourcefulness permeate all that we do. 

Our vision

Our vision is for students, staff and the wider community to find space to pioneer. As well as the requirement to forge new physical space for the site and claim our space in the City’s regeneration in creative and pioneering ways, we aim to break new educational ground in three critical ways:

Our aims

Our strategic aims cover six key areas:  


Pupils are academically curious and resourceful; they take risks, are ambitious and love learning for its own sake​. 

Co-curricular & partnerships 

Pupils contribute enthusiastically to co-curricular activities and partnerships and serve the  communities around them with respect. 


Pupils understand themselves, are listened to and take reflective ownership of their lives and are considerate of others. 


High-calibre staff and inspirational teachers are empowered through outstanding professional development opportunities​​. 


The management of the financial and human resources, and estates, is forward-looking, sustainable and compliant. 

External relations 

The school will be distinctive and understood, allowing it to attract a diverse intake of pupils and staff, and to influence wider debate. 

Photo of the Barbican lake and the London Wall