water sports


Girls of all ages take full advantage of the indoor swimming pool. There are lunchtime clubs which enable girls to focus on improving swimmers' techniques and times. Girls compete in the inter-house swimming competition as well as inter-school events, such as the London Schools Swimming Gala.

Recent Competitions & Events

Several girls were selected to swim at the London Youth Games in July 2014.~

Glendower Prep School - 22nd May 2014 , U8, U9, U10 & U11 swimming teams had a match against Glendower Prep School. The U8 team gave a superb performance and races were always extremely close with Glendower just winning 24-18 points. The U9 team races were also extremely well fought each time but again Glendower proved stronger winning 31.5 to 20.5 points. The U10 battled hard but lost 36-16 points and the U11 team were evenly matched and they drew with Glendower 26-26.

Primary Schools Gala - 31st January 2014, U8 - U11 swimming teams took part in the Primary Schools Gala at Golden Lane. Many girls received individual gold and silver medals and City was places first amongst the 6 schools competing including Sir John Cass School, City of London Boys, St Pauls' Cathedral School, Golden Lane Campus and Charterhouse Square School.


Prep - 12th May 2014, the PE Department hosted the first all Prep House Swimming Gala. This event involved every pupil in Prep to swim for their House. Races we well fought and the volume of support was tremendous. All girls must be congratulated on their team spirit, performance and determination. Races were over 1 length for all years except Year 6 who swam over 2 lengths for their individual races. The standard was very high overall.

3rd place = St Bride & Ward – 108 points each
1st place = Tudor & Fleet – 123 points each

Senior School - 13th May, 2014. The atmosphere was fantastic and girls were very supportive of each other and at times the volume of support was brilliant. The House Games Captains must be congratulated on their enthusiasm and support. All swimmers must be congratulated on their excellent performances. 

4th place – St Bride – 96 points
3rd place – Ward – 103 points,
2nd place - Fleet – 104 points
1st place Tudor with 124 points



In addition to swimming, City also offers water polo. It is considered one of the toughest and most physically demanding sports, requiring fast swimming, great physical strength and high cardiovascular stamina. During training sessions, held once a week during lunchtimes, girls work on their hand-eye coordination, reflexes and handling and passing the ball.