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City of London

School for girls

A typical day in prep would begin with registration and fun morning activities. You start the academic day with an enjoyable double lesson, which consists of a variety of subjects including magical maths, exciting English and super science. After a fresh start to the day we have a break were we can roam around low grass, eating our healthy snacks to our hearts content.

We have two more lessons after break then we have a short period of twenty minutes called form time, where we either finish off work or do form activities. We finish off the morning with a scrumptious lunch, with many dishes to choose from. After lunch we have a choice of clubs or a chance to run around in fresh air. We must have at least one free break per week.

In the afternoon we have four more action packed lessons, which are different every day.  Sports play a very big part in a city week. We have sports nearly every day.  Every day each class gets a different homework. We spend twenty to sixty minutes doing our  homework depending on which year you are in.

The best thing about a typical day in prep is how all the teachers help us learn whilst learning themselves and are always sympathetic.

Giulia, Phoebe and Anoushka