typical day

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On Wednesday 18th September (1 week and 6 days after the beginning of school)…

We reached the dramatic finale of our first play, Arthur Miller’s  A View from the Bridge, in English this morning and finished it that lesson. Whilst the action takes place amongst Italian longshoremen working in 1950s New York, the structure and characters are actually reminiscent of ancient Greek Tragedy, where the protagonist’s fate is unavoidable. From now on, we’ll study it in depth in preparation for the exam. However first, we will spend our next lesson discussing our first piece of coursework, which is due in January. Although this may seem a little hasty for coursework, the topic our class was given (“An Extract from My Autobiography”) is very broad, and does not require hours of research, just creativity!

After English I had Spanish, where we are mostly revising grammar. I’m very excited about the upcoming trip to Granada, which involves attending a Spanish school and, for the first time, staying with a Spanish family for five days! More than forty girls will be going, and it should be an excellent opportunity to practice our speaking especially. In Physics, we received the results of our first test, on the Energy Resources research topic set before the holidays. Otherwise, we’ve gone straight into learning about efficiency and work, doing a practical involving pulling cars in our first lesson.  However, the many topics to get through this year in Biology mean there is a faster pace, and we have been observing various cell types under microscopes.  

After lunch, those who do not study Greek attended a talk by members of the British Red Cross about the International Laws of War, their purpose and the difficulty of enforcing them. This talk was in fact one of our Global Perspectives sessions, a new subject which is meant to broaden your outlook on current affairs, covering International Relations, Poverty and Human Rights. All the classes have this at the same time, and are mixed up to form 3 groups, which learn a different unit each term. We were mixed up again for supervised Coursework sessions, a 40 minute study period where you can do homework, or just relax and read a book. I’ve been told that we’ll appreciate it later if we spend them well at the beginning of the year! Last of the day was History. Whilst at the end of Year 9 we studied the causes of the First World War, now we start with how the war ended, controversy surrounding the Versailles Peace Treaty, and its unintended aftereffects.

Despite differences such as the class change and the knowledge that GCSEs are approaching, I have quickly become used to life as a Year 10. It’s definitely been an exciting start! Good luck!

Shan, Year 10