typical day

prep girls runningThe time I have spent in Prep has been some of the best years of my life. They have opened a world of opportunities for me and I have achieved some of my wildest dreams in Prep.

This all started in Lower One, which was my first year, I walked in to the school and was welcomed by smiling faces. I instantly found friends and met all the teachers. That year I remember learning a lot of maths, which I found very interesting.

The next year Upper One was the first year I had been away from home with school as we went to Hooke Court. I really liked my Upper One teacher as he made a lot of funny jokes and also got to the point of what we were learning.

Before I knew it, Lower Two started. That year we went to the Grove. In Lower Two we learnt a lot about every subject but I most vividly remember learning about Kenya in geography I enjoyed this so much because our teacher told us stories about Kenya.

Now we come to Upper Two, the year I am in now. So far I have been interested about our history as we are learning about World War Two and that is very interesting. Our teacher is very nice and helps me if I don’t understand something.

Prep has been an amazing experience and I am having an great time. I would recommend this school to anyone.

Lily, Upper Two