staff list

Mrs E Harrop, BA (Salamanca), MA (Munich), MPhil (Cantab), MA (London)

Deputy Head
Mr W A Douglas, BA Hons (Oxon)

Deputy Head (Staff Development)
Mrs C Tao, BSc (Surrey), MSc (LSE)

Director of Studies
Mr N Codd, BA Hons (Oxon)

Head of Sixth Form
Miss R Lockyear, BA Hons (Cantab)

Assistant Head of Sixth Form
Mrs C Williamson, BA (Cantab)

Head of Senior School
Mrs S Gilham, BA (Oxon)

Assistant Heads of Senior School
Miss N Ispahani, BSc (York)
Mr A Wright, BSc (Bournemouth)

Head of Lower School
Mrs K N Brice, MA (Cantab)

Assistant Head of Lower School
Mrs J Norman, BEd (De Montfort) [Maternity Leave]
Ms E Obiri-Darko, BSc (British Columbia, Canada) [Maternity Cover]

Head of Preparatory School
Miss J Rogers, MPhil, BA (London)

Deputy Head of Preparatory Department
Mrs D Mallett, BAEd Hons (Reading)

Miss J Curtis, BA Hons (London, St Martin’s School of Art), ATC (London)
Miss R Brown, BA Hons (Brighton Polytechnic), ATC (London), MA (London)
Mrs M Douglas, Diploma in Art and Design, LSIAD (London)

Classical Languages
Mr D Themistocleous, BA (Oxon)
Mrs C Williamson, BA (Cantab)
Mr C Holland, BA Hons (London)
Mr T Preece-Smith, BA (UCL)

Mr S Morley, Dip Acting (CCSD)

Mr A Kanwar
Mr A C Genillard, BSc (CNAA)

Miss R Lockyear, BA Hons (Cantab)
Mr J Murray, MA (Oxon)

Mr B Ward, BA (The New University of Ulster)
Mr A Atkins, BA (Dunelm)
Dr A Doyle, MA (York), D.Phil (Oxon)
Mr W A Douglas, BA (Oxon)
Mrs H Lambert, BA (University of South Africa)
Mrs C Nightingale, BA (Cantab)
Ms S Shah, BA (Cantab)

Miss E A Moore, BA (Liverpool), FRGS
Ms E Collins, BA (London), MA

Mrs K N Brice, MA (Cantab)
Miss R Lockyear, BA (Cantab)
Mr J Murray, MA (Oxon)
Miss R Robertson, MA (St Andrews)
Mr Martyn

Mr K Latham, BSc (Liverpool)
Ms J Addley, MA (Cantab)
Mrs J Colwell, BSc (Aberdeen)
Mrs K Gatland, MA (Oxon)
Miss N Ispahani, BSc Hons (York)
Mr P Mercer, BA Hons (Kent)
Mrs J Newton, BSc (UCL), MSc (Durham)
Ms M Newland, BSc (London)
Miss S Pym
Mr C Tooze

Modern Languages

Mr G Tyrrell, BA (Oxford Brookes), MA
Mrs B Buchan, BA (Manchester), Diploma in Language Studies
Mme N Signeux, English (Orléans), Modern Foreign Languages (Lancaster), FLE

Mrs A Marett, BA (Oxon)
Miss S Mohebbi MA (Dusseldorf)

Miss M Leturia, BA (Granada), MA (London)
Mrs E Harrop, BA (Salamanca), MA (Munich), MPhil (Cantab), MA (London)
Ms V Campos, (Provence), MA (Westminster)
Miss A Diez Ruiz, BA (Leeds)

Miss E Perkins, BA (Leeds)

Ms E Garner
Q Q Wang

Mrs M Donnelly, BEd (London)
Miss U Murphy, BMus (Edinburgh), ARCM
Mr R Stokes, MA (Cantab), LRAM
Prof G Schmidt, MusB (Vienna), LGSM

Physical Education
Ms C Castell, BA (Loughborough)
Miss B Goodwin, BEd (De Montfort) [Maternity Leave]
Mrs G Tweed, BEd (Brighton)
Mrs J Norman, BEd (De Montfort) [Maternity Leave]
Miss O Helm BA (Hons Leeds)
Ms C Harrison [Maternity Cover]
Ms N Stephens [Maternity Cover]

Religion, Philosophy and Ethics
Mrs K Bullard, MA (Cantab)
Mrs S Gilham, BA (Oxon)
Ms S Colburn


Miss N Brown, BSc Hons (Edinburgh), MRes (Edinburgh)
Dr A Schmidt, MSc, PhD (Basel)
Mrs C Tao, BSc (Surrey), MSc (LSE)
Mr R Darcy, BSc (London)

Mr A Stylianou, BSc Hons (London)
Ms E Obiri-Darko, BSc (British Columbia, Canada)
Miss G Pratt, BSc (Staffordshire)
Mr C Tooze

Mr M Wilkinson, BSc Hons (Nottingham)
Mr P Clarkson, BSc Hons (Manchester), MSc (Open)
Mr E Dobbin, BEng (Strathclyde)
Mrs C Linton, BSc (Edinburgh)

Miss S McCarthy, BSc (Brunel)
Mr A Wright, BSc (Bournemouth)
Mr T Walland

Mr D Libby, BSc (West of England)
Miss R Brincat, BEd (ACU, Australia), MEd (CSU, Australia)

Careers and PSHCEE
Miss E Perkins, BA (Leeds)
Ms B Goodwin, BEd Hons (De Montfort) [Maternity Leave]
Miss S Pym [Maternity Cover]

Learning Support Coordinators
Mrs C Cole, BA (East Anglia), RSA Dip (London)
Miss E Herbert, BA (London), PGCE (Secondary), PG Diploma in Assessment for Specific Learning Difficulties in Further and Higher Education (London),  PG Cert Dyslexia: Enhancing Inclusive Educational Provision (Roehampton)

Mrs R Trevor, BA (Hons), MCLIP

Preparatory Department
Miss J Rogers, MPhil, BA Hons (London)
Mrs D Mallett, BAEd Hons (Reading)
Mr M Breslin, BA (Manchester), MA (London)
Miss C Luddington, BA (Leeds)
Mrs L Hall, BA (Bristol)
Mrs S Cross, Teaching Assistant, BA (Leicester)
Miss A Leek, Teaching Assistant Dip (Sydney)
Miss R Ranguelova, Teaching Assistant, BA (Open University)

Italicised names denote Head of Department

School Counsellors
Ms D Marcus, BA, Counselling (Tavistock Institute), Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling (Westminster Pastoral Foundation)
Ms C Nancarrow

Colonel E L Yorke

Premises Manager
Mr J Valentine

Finance and HR Manager
Mr R Woodvine, MA (RCA)

Admissions Officer
Miss R Ford, MA (Dunelm)

Examinations Office
Mr P Clarkson, BSc Hons (Manchester), MSc (Open)
Ms J Bonthron, BSc Hons (Sheffield), MSc (Newcastle), MBA (London Business School)

Marketing & Development Officer
Miss J Jones, BA (UNSW, Australia)

Drama Technician
Mr A Hill, BA Hons (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts)

Headmistress’ PA
Mrs R Smith, BA (Leicester)

Deputy Heads’ Secretary
Mrs K Dignan

Bursar’s Secretary
Mrs V Pyke

Administrative Officer
Mrs J Singh Athwal, BSc (UNSW, Australia), MASc (CSU, Australia)

School Nurse
Miss G Walshe, BSc (London)

Honorary Medical Advisor
School Doctor
Dr D Soldi, MB, ChB, DCH