senior school

Head of Senior SchoolIn Year 9 students continue to learn through the broad and balanced curriculum they have enjoyed in Years 7 and 8. It is during Year 9 that we support each student as she makes her GCSE choices in preparation for Year 10.

Year 10 and 11 is an important and exciting time for students as they select subjects they wish to study further. This enables girls to explore subjects in more depth than in previous years. While mathematics, English, English literature and the three sciences are core, students will also choose at least one modern foreign language, one subject from history, geography and RPE and two further subjects which reflect their personal interests. These additional two subjects could be another language or humanity, Latin or a creative subject (drama, art, music or DT). Ancient Greek is also available. With a wealth of choices available girls are not restricted in their choices at the next stage. All girls in Years 10 and 11 also study compulsory non-GCSE courses: Thinking Skills which leads to an AS, Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education (PSHCE), BITES (City's General Studies course which includes Roman and Latin literature, art, architecture and biblical stories) and Physical Education. In addition, the girls take part in work experience and have careers guidance to assist them when choosing their AS and A2 subjects. Girls also have study periods spread across the fortnightly timetable to help them to organise their work and seek assistance if necessary.

Opportunities are offered for students  personal development including the Duke of Edinburgh bronze award scheme, house leadership roles and the organisation of a Christmas party for local senior citizens. Each girl is offered individual support through her Tutor, Head of Year and the Sixth Form Prefects. We have an on-going system of student mentoring for personal and academic support which girls can avail of through the intranet.

The Senior School provides an opportunity to learn transferable skills and  to follow courses which each student enjoys. The social, organisation and communication skills learned through extra curricular activities, including the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and the opportunity to stand for House Committee posts, help enrich the experience of life in the Senior School. We aim to prepare each girl to enter the Sixth Form having enjoyed a balanced education and with the skills and knowledge they need to approach the next stage in their educational careers.  

Mrs Claire Tao,
Head of Senior School