school policies

Please click on the links below to view specific school policies.

  1. Admissions Policy
  2. Anti-Bullying Policy
  3. Behaviour Management Policy
  4. Complaints Policy
  5. Curriculum Policy
  6. Appendix to Curriculum Policy - Dropping Subjects
  7. Educational Visits Policy and Procedure
  8. Equal Opportunities Policy
  9. Fire Safety Procedures and Risk Assesment Policy
  10. First Aid Policy
  11. First Aid Policy Annex A Proforma
  12. First Aid Policy Annex B School Nurse Guidelines
  13. First Aid Policy Annex C Accident Reporting
  14. First Aid Policy Annex D Anaphylactic Shock
  15. First Aid Policy Annex E Asthma
  16. First Aid Policy Annex F Defibrillator Protocol
  17. First Aid Policy Annex G Diabetes Guidelines
  18. First Aid Policy Annex H Management of Epilepsy
  19. First Aid Policy Annex I Guidelines for Administration of Medicine
  20. Health and Safety Policy
  21. ICT and eSafety Policy
  22. ICT and eSafety Policy Annex
  23. NQT Induction Policy
  24. Pastoral Care Discipline and Exclusions Policy
  25. Predicted Grades Policy
  26. Pupil and Parent Data Protection Policy
  27. Pupils Use of IT Policy
  28. Record of Complaints Registered in the Formal Procedure 2014-2015
  29. Recruitment and Selection Policy
  30. Reporting and Feedback Procedures
  31. Reporting Policy
  32. Risk Assessment Policy
  33. Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy - Annexes
  34. SEND Policy
  35. Appendix to SEN Policy - English as an Additional Language Policy
  36. Sex Education Policy
  37. Teaching and Learning Policy
  38. Additional School Policies Available on Request
  39. Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy