recent alumnae

Some recent leavers reflect on their time at City.

Recent Leavers"My time in Sixth Form at City was very special. I had so much support in my academic studies and my University applications. It was a caring and supportive atmosphere from which we could all make important decisions about the next stages of our lives. The teachers and students who surrounded me were also essential in preparing me for my year out. I now work as a general assistant at the architecture firm muf architecture/art and will be studying architecture at Cambridge University in October. This year has been all about meeting new people, learning new skills and generally dealing with new experiences and situations positively. My time at City definitely prepared me and made me embrace all these challenges with enthusiasm and dedication." Emily - leaver 2013 - studying Architecture at Cambridge (2014)

"I enjoyed all of my years at City but Sixth Form was an especially positive experience. All of my teachers were so dedicated to ensuring that we got the most out of each subject, and the atmosphere that they created was ideal for learning. Lessons were relaxed and we were encouraged to debate and think outside the syllabus, while still providing us with structure and support. Now I am in my first year at University I have particularly come to appreciate the emphasis put on independent learning at Sixth Form, which has prepared me well for a degree in which you have to be very self-motivated. I also just had an enormous amount of fun during my entire time at City, particularly on trips abroad, which gave me some of my best memories of my time at the school, and of the teachers!" Georgia - leaver 2013 - studying English Language and Literature at Oxford (2013)

"The Sixth Form at City was a fantastic environment for preparing you to make the step from school to university, which can seem daunting. From the academic to pastoral support, all the staff were really driven to ensure that every girl could achieve what she needed to both apply and secure her top choice university. Their dedication was so valuable and I feel indebted to many staff involved in my time at City. In addition, the Sixth Form offers so many opportunities to get involved in extra-curricular activities such as volunteering, sport and conferences, which give an extra dimension to your application, round you as a person for university and allow you to form close bonds with fellow peers. These bond are evident from the great spirit of the Sixth Formers which filters down through the school, creating a buzzing atmosphere. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at City, it opened many doors for me and enables me to reach my goals. I have no doubt that the lessons I learnt there will stay with me for the rest of my life." Sophia - leaver 2013 - studying Classics at Cambridge University (2103)

"I didn’t realise how well City had prepared me for the next stages of my life and education until I found myself having to navigate the unexpected situations that inevitably arise with university. I am studying English Language and Literature at King’s College London and my time at school has been just as instrumental in preparing me for further studies as it has for knowing how to be independent in London. CLSG excels in encouraging its students to reach beyond both our own capabilities and the confines of the exam syllabus, which is the perfect preparation for a subject that requires you to reach across multiple art forms and schools of thought. I returned to the Barbican in September for the KCL Fresher’s Fair and felt terribly homesick until I realised that the most important thing is not the structure of the day and the familiarity of school rituals but the self-belief that City encourages, which carries us through our next steps in the world. It is so exciting to suddenly have a global network and to see everyone thriving in a wide range of new and challenging environments. I have come to believe that City is a miniature model for the world, which is perhaps why we all leave so well prepared, and why I will always find comfort in square, grey-brown concrete buildings." Ottilie - leaver 2013 - studying English Language and Literature at King's College London

Recent Leavers


"On my walk to work in Central London I pass City everyday, and look on with envy at Sixth Formers in their last two years of school, for me the best two years spent at CLSG. In the 6 months since leaving school I’ve truly begun to realise and appreciate the amount that City taught me. Looking for my first job, beginning work and experiencing firsthand the challenges of working outside of a school environment were all made that much easier on account of what I learnt at City. I fully expect my academic skills to help me when I start Bristol University in September, but it is the independence, confidence and sense of humor that I gained from being a City girl that have best served me since leaving school. I have a determination to work hard that I can now see will carry me through not only my academic studies but all other work following. There is a constant and absolute mutual support given in the sixth form, by both teachers and students. Due to this I now find it natural to care for my peers, to enjoy working in groups and to work towards positive outcomes not only for myself but also for those around me." Mary - leaver 2013 - studying English Literature at Bristol (2014)