The ICT Department's aims:

  • To develop, maintain and stimulate the students' curiosity, interest and enjoyment in ICT
  • To develop the students' understadning of ICT in its widest context and to see how it relates to themselves both inside and outside school
  • To enable students to have equal and appropriate access to ICT and to experience success in their work
  • To allow students to develop transferable skills and informed opinions about ICT and to be able to support them by reasoned argument
  • To ensure that students leave school being aware of the impact which Information Technology will have on people's lives. Such awareness should embrace an understanding of the limitations of Information Technology in everyday life
  • To ensure that students become safe, competent and confident users of hardware, software and methodology in assisting or enabling them to fulfil many of the tasks which they will wish, or will be expected, to fulfil during and after their school careers
  • To ensure all departments recognise that they have a part to play in the teaching of ICT. Students will learn about ICT by using it in a variety of ways to enrich and enhance their learning.


As a Department we are committed to providing cutting edge technology to support the curriculum and provide students with the experience and skills to become confident, autonomous users of ICT.

The Department recognises the importance of ICT in the curriculum both as an experience of skills and concepts in their own right and as a means of enriching, enhancing and extending the delivery of all subjects across the curriculum. Opportunities are provided to enable all students to experience, use and discuss ICT to thoses ends. It is intended that ICT will facilitate new teaching and learning opportunities throughout the curriculum, where possible, in respect of a student's individual educational needs, as well as enriching and enhancing existing ones.


Mr Libby, Director of ICT, with Year 7 students discussing a storyboard for a Flash animation.

City girls dicuss the benefits of using iPads at school:

Video by: Tabby, Ellie, Jessie & Caitlin (8F)


During their time in Lower School the students gain experience using a wide range of applications including; Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier and InDesign.


The students use various applications including MS Excel, Adobe Flash and Adobe Photoshop in a project based on eating "5 a day".


The students carry out extended projects including:

  • A Flash website including the use of ActionScript programming language
  • A Quiz in MS Excel involving the use of complex formulae and Visual Basic
  • Video editing using Adobe Premiere


Two major cross curricular projects are completed in Year 9 where we work in conjunction with the Art and DT Departments. The students begin the projects in Art and DT and then work on the ICT related parts in their ICT lessons. During this time they cover advanced use of Photoshop, Desktop Publishing and presentation applications.

Director of ICT

Mr D Libby


This Flash animation was created by a Year 7 student for her '5 A Day' project.

These animations were created by Year 7 students who drew pictures of fantasy machines in Art which were then scanned and animated in ICT.


This jukebox animation was created by a Year 6 student.