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City of London

School for girls

 Sixth Form life at City is an amazing experience. Being located in the heart of the city means we have endless facilities and a breadth of new things to try right on our doorstep. We are always encouraged to take on positions of responsibility, and be part of student-led initiatives which enables us to become more independent.

We are fortunate enough to have small classes, which allow us to develop strong relationships with our teachers, and optimise our learning. Teachers at City are truly inspirational and constantly doing their utmost to help us. They do however, encourage us to work independently, and conduct our own research outside the syllabus, which is particularly usefully for applying to university.

The City Sixth Form is made up of fun, hardworking and enthusiastic girls who create an atmosphere unique to City. City Sixth Form also promotes individuality and motivates every girl to achieve their full potential, providing solid foundations for life after City.

As the new Head Girl Team, we look forward to implementing some new ideas in the school:

  • We aim to help improve access to enrichment material for subjects, which would be achieved through compiling and sharing reading lists, or upcoming lectures recommended from both staff to students and between students.
  • We also want to diversify the current mentoring system by providing the option of one-off mentoring sessions and also group sessions, where older girls can give advice on relevant topics such as time management or useful revision techniques to help younger girls.
  • Another aim of ours is to improve vertical integration throughout the school, which would make younger girls feel more comfortable to approach us and allow a better circulation of any arising issues or ideas for the school.
  • We also have an aim to further improve the well-being of students by the promotion of good physical and mental health, which would be achieved by increasing the sport selection and making sport activities more readily accessible to non-team members

During our time as the Head Girl Team, we hope that through the initiatives we have, we will make as large a positive impact as possible, by working with students, staff and with the support of our Senior Committee. We look forward to the great year ahead!

Martha, Iris & Nana
Head Girl Team 2015/16