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City of London

School for girls

Being in the Sixth Form at City has been a truly great experience for me, as it has given me the opportunity to branch out of the school curriculum and gain a greater sense of independence. Though a very competitive school, the friendly learning environment and enthusiastic hub of teachers and students allows us to thoroughly enjoy lessons and get the very best from our subjects every day.  

Having been at City since Year 7, I always looked up to the Sixth Formers who I saw in school. The idea of wearing my own clothes and studying my favourite subjects was exciting, and I couldn’t wait to see what Year 12 and 13 had in store for me. I have to say I was not disappointed. The best part of Sixth Form life is the chilled out and non-competitive atmosphere. Whilst these years have been the most challenging yet, I have found the support of both the girls and teachers invaluable. I particularly love the escape that the common room provides for us all. Though we spend a lot of our time in lessons or working through our free periods, being able to hang out with my friends over coffee, listening to music or watching a movie can be a great way to relax and refocus before getting back to work. There is a huge sense of togetherness in the Sixth Form, and it’s amazing to know that whoever I might turn to for help or support will always be willing to lend me a hand.


The academic aspect of the Sixth Form can at first be very daunting, especially the university application process. However, at City, our encouraging teachers and strong Careers Department make this stage of school a hugely positive experience. Over the past few years, the opportunities available to the Sixth Form have become increasingly more impressive, and I can certainly say that the majority of this would not be possible without the proactive teachers who ensure that we have access to a variety of prospects beyond the curriculum. I am particularly grateful for the work experience that I organised through the City Careers Department, where I was able to attend various trials at Croydon Crown Court as well as gain an understanding of the hectic schedule of a Criminal Barrister, a profession that I have since become very interested in. As well as this, I love that in the Sixth Form, our weekly PSHCE lessons involve listening to various speakers talk about an aspect of the world that in many cases is new to us. The range of speakers has stretched from journalists to campaign workers, as well as artists and businesswomen, all of which have been incredibly eye-opening. The fact that we are also able to participate in a Q&A with these remarkable individuals is another bonus, as it is yet another engaging way to find out more about what lies beyond the walls of secondary school.

With the newfound freedom we have all come to know and love in the Sixth Form, the importance of knowing how to use our time when we are not in lessons is vital. Lucky for us, the location of our school allows us access to a vast network of galleries, museums and neighbouring universities. With the Barbican Centre at just a stone’s throw away from us, as well as the Tate Modern very close by, we are able to fully take advantage of the culture that is so accessible to us. We are also very fortunate in that we are able to participate in various theatre trips and lectures which we can organise ourselves through the connections the school has on a regular basis. As a City sixth former, you are very unlikely to miss out on anything going on in London that might be of interest to you, whether an educational event or simply something fun that has caught your fancy.

Daria, Year 13