debatingDebating and public speaking are popular and growing at City of London School for Girls and everyone is encouraged to get involved.

Almost all of the students will have participated in at least one formal debate during the year and about 12 - 18 girls in each year group debate regularly with a number having the opportunity to compete in national tournaments.

Junior debating and Intermediate debating are the training grounds for our competition debaters at Sixth Form level. Debaters meet every week and have the opportunity to participate in a huge range of annual competitions. These include the:

  • English-Speaking Union’s Schools Mace Debating Competition;
  • Oxford & Cambridge Union Schools Competition

We hold friendly contests with the City of London School and London independent schools regularly. There are also residential trips to the Durham Union Schools competitions every year and other opportunities that arise, such as the recent trip to Los Angeles to debate with some of the USA Worlds School team.

The House Debating Cup Competition is held annually and involves several qualifying rounds with the final debate being held in front of the whole school and before a guest adjudicator.


Senior Debating Club has welcomed a number of new members this year, giving the opportunity to have an even wider range of debates. As a result, debated topics have been as varied as the legalisation of prostitution, whether the UK should leave the EU and whether beauty pageants are inherently harmful.

Debaters have competed at LSE, SOAS, the Schools Mace and will be taking part in competitions as far away as Manchester and Durham in the coming year.

Special congratulations go to Eileen Maguire and Nancy Ni, who won their round of Schools Mace and will now progress on to the next stages, and to Sofia Allan and Lamis Mukta, who broke to (reached) the novice final at SOAS.