asdThe Art Department aims:

  • To enable pupils to pursue the subject to the highest possible level
  • To create curiosity, interest and enjoyment in art
  • To encourage independent learning and self discipline
  • To use the School's location in the City to enhance student learning by visiting museums and galleries
  • To develop an awareness of the significance of art and to value it as an important, pleasurable and fundamental area of human experience
  • To enhance and enrich learning, including making links to the wider curriculum
  • To enable pupils to make the most of their abilities and develop confidence, responsibility, perseverance, concern for others, initiative, politness and independence
  • To recognise the role of art as an evaluation of personal experience
  • To recognise the role of art in the creative and cultural industries


Art is valued at City as a subject which develops students' confidence and ability to explore ideas and produce unique and imaginative visual outcomes to projects. Students realise their ideas through a process of research, idea development, experimentation and the production of a final piece. Work is informed by knowledge of contemporary and historical art works gained through visits to the many galleries within walking distance of the school and exhibitions and museums further afield. Students have the opportunity to work in a broad range of media and practices including; drawing and painting, assemblage, clay work, printmaking, textile design and printing, and new media. Work is displayed around the school providing interest and inspiration to the school community and visitors. Many students go on to study Art, Design and Architecture, and past students are now working very successfully in the creative industries both here and abroad.


YEARS 7 - 9

Students develop the skills and knowledge to communicate ideas visually. A basic art vocabularly is taught and students begin to manipulate with growing confidence the formal elements of line, tone, form, shape, colour, texture and tone. Drawing skills are taught as a means of recording, expressing and experimenting and this underpins work in all disciplines. Girls keep a resource book in which they record ideas and information about the project they are working on, as well as independent research. Students have the opportunity to visit major museums, galleries and exhibitions as part of the curriculum and study past and present artists and craftspeople whose work is relevant to their practical project. There are opportunities to work with professional artists, designers, filmmakers and photographers.

YEARS 10 and 11

Students develop their skills and explore new and exciting ways of working. Work is produced in a range of two and three dimensional media and students are encouraged to explore photography, basic film-making and installation work either as seperate or related experiences. Students begin to manipulate the formal elements with increasing confidence relating their ideas to the work of artists and designers they have researched. Knowledge becomes understanding and students recognise and are able to engage with contemporary and historical art work from different cultures. The students' work is celebrated in an exhibition held at the end of Year 11 to which parents, friends and the wider community are invited.


Students are encouraged to be ambitious and risk taking in their approach to the subject. Complex ideas are explored through the use of conventional and innovative materials and processes, and work is highly individual. Students are able to take advantage of the school's proximity to galleries with world-wide reputations to research their projects and a trip abroad is planned each year. Personal interests and passions are developed through practical work and academic research and there are opportunities to work with practicing  artists. Students are encouraged to be continuously analytical and reflective and to record their ideas, progress and planning in workbooks. Portfolios are prepared with students wishing to pursue Art to a higher level and our students are successful in gaining places on leading Foundation and Architecture degree courses with international reputions. An exhibition of students work is held at the end of the year to celebrate the students' achievements.


GCSE - Art and Design, Edexcel

A Level - Art and Design, Edexcel


Students visit major London galleries and enjoy the School's proximity to local art galleries including the Barbican Gallery, Curve Gallery, Tate Modern, White Cube, Bloomberg Space, Victoria Miro and Parasol Unit. Typically, Sixth Form students go on a study trip to Paris to research their project work.

"The teachers take personal interest in your development as an artist and an individual." Sixth Former

Head of Department
Mrs J Curtis