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City of London

School for girls

img4"Every day is different!" – Cleo

"Having new things everyday" - Jie Lin

"The teachers are really nice and welcome you" - Annie

"Form time when we get to talk to our tutor as a group. There’s never a time when we don’t laugh in form time!" - Holly

"The food- everything about it" - Mia
"Cookies (home made and warmed up in break)" - Everyone
"Other foods also featured in the favourites list" – the gingerbread men are really good" - Ayela
"The paninis" - Anoushka

"All the different activities and the school trips" – Rose

"There are lots of different charity events" – Matilda

"Lots of different chances to try for teams" - Flo

"At lunchtimes there’s always something to get involved with" - Rachel

Other favoruites include  sports activities and clubs e.g. football, zumba, dodge ball, fencing, cricket, badminton, gymnastics, creative writing, drama, choir and orchestra

Year 7