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We welcome girls of all backgrounds to join our current Year 11 girls in moving up to Sixth Form study. We admit around 10-15 girls each year. Admission to the Sixth Form is by written examination and interview in the Autumn Term prior to the proposed year of entry. All girls will take entrance papers in the subjects they propose to study at 'AS' level. Each paper lasts 30 minutes. We anticipate that the majority of girls will study four subjects.

Approximately 95% of total GCSE entries at CLSG are awarded A* and A grades.  In this context, we would expect all our students to achieve 9 or 10 GCSEs at A* and A. We recognise that girls might be unlucky and achieve a B grade, but we would not expect any girls entering the Sixth Form to have more than 2 B grades at GCSE. Girls need to achieve at least an A grade at GCSE in the subjects that they wish to follow for A Level. At the end of the Lower Sixth, girls are expected to achieve a minimum of a B grade in any AS subject which she wishes to continue with at A2. We aim for our Sixth Form girls to work hard as well as to make the most of the wealth of extra-curricular activities here at CLSG, so that they finish school as girls well-equipped to continue on whichever path they choose after their time at school.

To register for entry in 2015, please complete the online registration form which can be found here, by Friday 10th October 2014.


Closing Date for Registrations Friday 24th October 2014
Date of Entrance Examinations Tuesday 4th November 2014
Interviews for Shortlisted Candidates Thursday 13th November 2014
Results Emailed Friday 21st November 2014
Offer Holders Open Morning Tuesday 9th December 2014
Acceptance Deadline Noon Friday 12th December 2014

Please click here to view our Sixth Form prospectus and for details on the entrance assessments for each subject please see the link below.

  1. CLSG 16 Assessment Information