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We welcome 70-75 girls into Year 7 each year to join our current Year 6 girls in the Senior School. Girls must have reached the age of eleven before 1st September in the year of entry, and will be in Year 6 when they sit their entrance exam. We have a two-stage entrance assessment (exam and interview) which takes place in January prior to entering the school in September of the same year.

The process can seem daunting at first, but we aim to make it as smooth and enjoyable as possible! We hope you will find all necessary information here, but please do email Miss Rachel Ford, our Admissions Officer, if you have any questions at all. You will find full details of the 11+ process on pages 10-17 of our Admissions Booklet (see 'publications' on the left).


Closing Date for Registrations                                 Wednesday 19th November 2014
Group 2 entrance examination Friday 9th January 2015
Interviews Monday 26th January – Friday 30th January 2015    
Final Results Emailed Friday 13th February 2015
Open Morning for Offer Holders Wednesday 25th February 2015
Deadline for Acceptances Noon Wednesday 4th March 2015

To register online for the entry exam, please click here. Bursary applicants, please email your details through to as we are able to waive the registration fee for 11+ bursary applicants.

For sample entrance exam questions, please click on the links below (all Consortium schools provide the same sample questions). The most recent exam paper and answers from January 2014 will be available to view from September 2014.

Mathematics sample questions

English sample questions

For past papers up to 2011, please click on the links below:

English 2008   English 2009   English 2010  English 2011

Maths 2008      Maths 2009      Maths 2010     Maths 2011

  1. English 2012
  2. English passage 2012
  3. Maths 2012
  4. English 2013
  5. English reading 2013
  6. Maths 2013
  7. North London Consortium Code of Practice 2015