FAQs - parents


When is the closing date for registrations?   

For specific registration deadlines, please see the relevant entry point section on this website.

When are the main entrance points into the school?

Admission into the Preparatory Department is at age 7+/Year 3 (your daughter must have reached 7 before the 1st September in the year of entry). The main entry point into the Senior School is at age 11+/Year 7 (your daughter must have reached 11 by the 1st of September). There is also admission into the Sixth Form at age 16+/Year 12 (girls must be 16 before the 1st September). Non standard entry places are rare and occur only occasionally and only if current girls leave. Enquiries should be made directly to Miss Rachel Ford, the Admissions Officer, who will arrange for an exam and interview should there be places available.

How can I judge whether my daughter has a good chance of being offered a place at CLSG for Year 7 entry?

If your daughter has achieved National Curriculum Level 5 in English and Maths by the end of Year 5 or has an NFER Verbal Reasoning score above 115, then she probably has a good chance of being offered a place. This should be considered as merely a guideline as the actual level will depend upon the competition in any given year.

Are scholarships and bursaries available?

Scholarships and bursaries are available to Senior and Sixth Form applicants. Art, drama and music scholarships are available and are awarded for outstanding merit and promise. Means-tested bursaries are awarded following the completion of bursary forms, which establish the level of financial need. These awards range from 20%-100% of the fees.

What proportion of girls come from independent and state sector schools?

In any one year, approximately 50% of our 11+ entrants come from independent sector schools and 50% from state sector schools.

My daughter is the only girl from her junior school thinking of coming to City, will she be at a disadvantage?

Many girls come to City and are the only girl from their junior school; so your daughter would definitely not be at a disadvantage. When the form groups are drawn up we try to include girls from different schools to ensure that the girls make many new friends. We also groups girls in their postcode areas in their classes so that they have more opportunities to make friends who they live nearby and who might travel in the same way to school.


Can I come to see the school and bring my child?

Yes, we have a number of Whole School Open Mornings and Afternoons during the Summer and Autumn terms, as well as Prep Department Open Mornings, 11+ Open Mornings and a Sixth Form Open Afternoon, which you and your family are welcome to attend. Your family will gain an insight into school life by speaking with departmental staff, hearing the headmistress’s address and touring the school with our current girls.

Will I see the school in operation?

All the Open Mornings and Afternoons in the Autumn Term will give you the opportunity to see the school in action. You will have the chance to tour the school with student guides and see first hand the workings of each classroom. We hold an Open Evening in the Summer Term which takes place outside school hours. You and your daughter will have an opportunity to speak to teaching staff, have a tour with a current student, view students’ work and participate in various activities.

Do I need to register my interest to visit?

As a general rule, you do not need to register for the Autumn Term Whole School Open Mornings and Afternoons. If you are interested in attending the Prep Department Open Mornings or the Sixth Form Open Afternoon, please register your interest with the Admissions Officer. Full details for all Open Events can be obtained from the Admissions Officer or by visiting the open day section of this website.


Is City easy to get to?

The school is located opposite the Barbican Arts Centre in the City of London. Girls are able to walk safely from Moorgate and Barbican tube station via a series of ‘high-walk’ routes, eliminating the need to cross any roads. City is also a short walk from St Paul’s tube station. Suggested journey routes and times are available by contacting the school or via the school website.

Does the school offer a bus service?

There is a coach service run by an independent company which runs from the north and north-west London areas. Details can be found on here or via the Admissions Officer.


How will you support my child?

Excellent pastoral care and support are fundamental to ensuring the girls achieve their best in all areas of school life. City is a close-knit community where the girls are encouraged to look after each other.

A buddy system runs through the House “family” system currently. Additionally, we buddy older girls with younger girls to travel with if requested by parents at 11+. New girls are always given a buddy in their class to look after them.

Every girl has a Form Tutor who looks after her, keeps an eye on her progress and helps her to maximise her potential and enjoy her time at school. Heads of the Preparatory Department, the Lower School, the Senior School and the Sixth Form work with Form Tutors to provide pastoral care and ensure that girls find learning at City a rewarding experience. Additionally, we have a School Nurse who is available every day and a School Counsellor who provides independent and confidential support for the girls as may be helpful.


Is there an anti-bullying procedure?

The School has a diverse social and cultural mix which encourages tolerance, respect, self-confidence and a positive outlook and any indication of bullying is taken very seriously. We have an Anti-bullying policy which is reviewed regularly. Staff and students make every effort to resolve situations as soon as they may arise.

Will my child have access to healthy meals?

City provides a canteen offering a range of hot and cold meals from which the students can choose. The choice of both non-vegetarian and vegetarian meals works on a three-week rotation, so the girls have access to a wide variety of interesting and healthy foods.

How will I get feedback about my daughter's performance?

The school planner forms a daily link between home and school. Parents receive regular written reports on their daughter’s progress and also have the chance to speak to their daughter’s tutor and teachers during the annual Parents’ Evenings. Parents are encouraged to contact their daughter’s tutor and Head of Section if they have any concerns, similarly the school will contact parents should any matters arise.


Will my daughter have a lot of homework?

Homework is an important aspect of the working life of all pupils. It is essential for girls to extend and consolidate studies begun in class and to develop the skills for effective independent learning which they will need throughout their lives. Our homework policy emphasises the value placed on the support of parents and provides clear guidelines for good practice. Each year group has a homework timetable and each girl has a school planner in which homework tasks are recorded.

Is City an academic hothouse?

City offers students the opportunity to excel across all areas of their lives. While they are encouraged academically, they are also given extensive opportunities to explore their artistic, sporting, dramatic, cultural and philanthropic interests through the curriculum, extracurricular activities and independent study. Girls are encouraged to ‘be who they want to be’ – they leave City as unique and interesting young ladies with a determination to succeed.

How do the girls achieve the results they get?

Students achieve superb results in public examinations at Key Stage 2, GCSE and A Level and they deserve to be proud of their achievements. Whilst we encourage girls to develop in all areas of their lives, their outstanding examination results are proof of the energy and determination that they have put into their studies. Their results are a tribute not only to the girls’ efforts, but also to the dedication, commitment and zeal of the teaching staff. Parents are also a pillar of support and encouragement that enables students to perform to the best of their abilities.