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City of London

School for girls

When starting any new school you want to know that it will be easy to make friends, that there will be the opportunities to pursue your interests and that you will be able to cope with all the work. We hope to address all your worries by answering these commonly asked questions.

Will travelling be safe, quick and easy?
The great thing about being in the Barbican is that it is easy to get to from anywhere in Greater London and there are girls in every year who come from North, South, East and West. With easy access to Moorgate, Liverpool Street, Barbican, Cannon Street, Mansion House and St. Pauls (the list goes on) no journey will be too complicated and the Barbican high walk from Moorgate, Barbican and St. Pauls means that the route to City is extremely safe. The travel buddy system which has been launched by the Head Girl Team this year means that girls get to know others who travel on the same route to school and hopefully this will make everyone’s journey even more enjoyable.
Will I be able to make friends?
City is an easy place to make friends. When you arrive on your first day, you will meet girls from all over London and many will not know anybody else so you will find many people in the same boat as you, worried about making friends. With four forms in every year, it is easy to find someone who shares your interests. In the first half of term, all Year 7 go to Sayers Croft for a three day residential trip and there are all sorts of team activities such as the fashion show, where you make clothes from newspapers, and orienteering; these all help you meet other people in your year. In school, you have your core lessons with your form class but you have language lessons with people from other classes so this is another way to make sure you get to know everyone in the year. There are four forms in every year (excluding the Sixth Form) and each is connected to one of the four Houses and so as soon as you arrive you feel a strong connection to your House and everyone gets involved in some way with House activities whether that is by designing the set for House drama or playing the solo in the House music competiton.
Who can I turn to if I need some help or someone to talk to?
However if you are finding it difficult to settle in there is a strong network of support at the school. Firstly your Form Tutor will always be there to have a chat to as well as your Head of Year and the School Counsellor. But if you don’t want to speak to a teacher,  the Head Girl Team and anyone on the Senior Committee, would be very happy to speak to you.  Tea at City is a place where you can meet City girls from other years and have a chat, play a game or watch a film and have a cup of tea.
What is it like being in the City of London?
It is true that City does not have lots of green sports fields but the benefits of being in central London outweigh this. The School has excellent sports facilities and competes in a variety of sports including netball, rounders, tennis and swimming. The Gym and Dance Display takes place every other year and groups and classes perform a variety of dances from Indian dancing to ballet. With our own swimming pool, there are lots of swimming and water polo fixtures and there is also a diving club. Other sports include football, tag rugby, cricket, basketball, trampolining and fencing and City teams compete in the London Youth Games in all of these sports. So we definitely do not miss out on sport but why is the City of London so great? We have the Barbican with films, plays, concerts, exhibitions and a library (with free membership) on offer just across the lake and we are starting to advertise these events regularly at school. Opera houses and theatres are just a tube ride away and we are offered many discounted tickets. Tate Modern is a fifteen minute walk away and the Museum of London is only next door. We also have the opportunity to visit the banks and law firms which surround our school and there is a mentoring scheme with JP Morgan on offer to girls in older years. The benefits of our location are endless.
How will I cope with all the work?
Many new girls wonder if they will find it hard to cope with the work at City but most people find it easy to get into a routine. Until Year 11 there is a homework timetable which helps you plan which homework you will do on which night and teachers are always clear about when your homework is due. They are reasonable; giving you plenty of notice if you are expected to create a presentation, for example. If you are struggling with work or don’t understand something, your subject teachers will always find time to help you whether that be at a subject clinic or a one-to-one session during lunch or after school. There are also subject mentors in the Sixth Form to go through problems you are having in a specific subject. This means that City girls rarely feel that they have to cope with a mountain of work they don’t understand all on their own. All the teachers at City want learning to be about interest and enjoyment and this comes across in their teaching.