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City of London

School for girls

CLOGA Committee

Mrs Ena Harrop

President and Headmistress
City of London School for Girls

Lady France Vice President
Mrs L. E. M. Betts Vice President
Dr Y. Burne OBE Vice President
Miss Diana Vernon Vice President
Kathryn Kumar Executive Chairman and CLOGA Webpage Administrator
Elizabeth Lewzey Deputy Chairman and Hon. Treasurer
Fiona Porter (MacHaffie) Membership, Records and Database Secretary
Joyce Lee Editor CLOGA Magazine and Prize Fund
Beryl Ambrose (Osborne) Merchandising Officer, Travel Club and Catering
Catherine Delany (Lister) Co-ordinator for Social Committee
Jill Dixon (Andrew) Rep for AROPS (co-opted)
Ann Reed (Hutchison) Rep for City Schools Freemen’s Association (co-opted)
Eve Freiberger Committee Member
Rachael Henry Committee Member
Gillian Simcox (Galilee) Committee Member
Caroline Willbourne Committee Member
Caroline Smith Committee Member
Ellie Perkins Head of Careers
Head Girl and Deputy Head Girls Committee Members