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The French Department acknowledges that the ability to understand and communicate in other languages is increasingly important in our society and in the global economy. Languages contribute to the cultural and linguistic richness of our society, through personal fulfilment, mutual understanding, commercial success and international trade and global citizenship.

We therefore aim to:

  • instil in students a love for languages and an appreciation of their importance in an increasingly globalized society
  • teach students to communicate effectively and confidently in French
  • give students a thorough grammar base
  • develop in students an understanding of cultural aspects of France and Francophone countries
  • extend students' learning experiences beyond the textbook through the use of authentic materials and extra-curricular activities
  • inspire pupils to extend and pursue language-learning outside the classroom

At Sixth Form level we aim to help students to communicate confidently, clearly, accurately and imaginatively in French and to develop critical insights into contemporary French society, culture, politics, history and literature. Students develop a broad knowledge of contemporary French society and vastly improve their communication skills. They also develop a very sound knowledge of French grammar through regular grammar lessons. They engage in in-depth discussion of questions of both personal and global significance requiring great commitment to detail, vocabulary and grammar.


We use the communicative method in our approach to teaching and learning in French. We make good use of technology in the classroom. Trips to France are much enjoyed by our students especially our two week immersion exchange. Year 11-13 students have access to our two French assistants.



YEARS 7 - 9

We study such topics as Sport and Leisure, Clothes and Fashion, Family and Friends and Holidays. We insist on a rigorous approach to grammar, tackling such grammar points as past, present and future tenses, negation, adjectives, comparatives and superlatives.

French in Years 7 - 8

French in Year 9

YEARS 10 and 11

Students prepare for the AQA GCSE exam in Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening. Topics covered include Healthy/Unhealthy Lifestyles, Technology, Environment, Pressures at School and The World of Work. Grammar plays a significant role at GCSE with, for example, all the main tenses covered (present, perfect, imperfect, near future, future and conditional) plus some more obscure ones such as the pluperfect and conditional perfect.

French in Years 10-11

Year 10 Scheme of Work
Year 11 Scheme of Work


Topics covered are as follows:


  1. Youth Culture and Concerns
  • Music and Fashion
  • Technology (i.e MP3, Blogs, Mobile Phones, Internet, Games)
  • Relationships (Family, Friendship, Peer Pressure)
  • Drink, Drugs, Sex

2.    Lifestyle: Health and Fitness

  • Sport and Exercise
  • Food and Diet
  • Health Issues (i.e Smoking, Skin Cancer, Health Services)

3.   The World Around Us: Travel, Tourism, Environmental Issues and the French-Speaking World

  • Tourist Information, Travel and Transport
  • Weather (i.e Natural Disasters, Climate Change)
  • Pollution and Recycling

4.   Education and Employment

  • Eduation (Schooling and Higher Education)
  • Education Policy and Student Issues
  • The World of Work (i.e The Changing Work Scene, Job Opportunties and Employment)


5.  Customs, Traditions, Beliefs and Religions

6.   National and International Events: Past, Present and Future

7.   Literature and the Arts

French in Years 12-13




A Level - Edexcel


For some years now we have been taking around 40 Year 8 students on a five day trip to Normandy, visitng such places as the Normandy landing beaches and Bayeux. In Year 9 students have the opportunity of spending two weeks at our partner school, Jean-Baptiste de la Salle, in Rouen. This is a two-week unaccompanied "immersion exchange" which often takes place at various dates throughout Year 9. Students receive their French partner who will spend two weeks at City. Our Year 12 students organise trips for themseleves, whether it be for courses or work experience. Past students have studied in Nice and worked in a boutique in Paris.

"At A Level you already know all the basic grammar and vocab so for the first time you get a chance to play around with the language and express yourself and your opinions. We also study French cinema, literature, history, politics and other Francophone countries. It’s really satisfying and I have enjoyed the course a lot. The topics are interesting and challenging….and you get to know and love the subjunctive!" Lucy

Head of Department

Mr G Tyrrell